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No greater Patrons exist than Denise and Gary Rosenberg. Our lives were fortunate to have been woven together over the last thirty years. I have been honored to be commissioned by them to commemorate several lifetime landmark events, including the batmitzvah of their mother, showers and weddings.  Such happy occasions! The Rosenbergs are what you would  imagine a patron to be: patient, encouraging creativity, challenging me to stretch, resourceful with ideas and support, and having a symbiotic collection that feels like home whenever I visit. 

How did I meet Denise and Gary? Once upon a time I was a tiny size 4 in a bright red dress and long golden locks (standing in the middle of my trade show booth). An entourage consisting of Denise with her mother ( a holocaust survivor!!!), and several friends (co volunteers from their Temple) passed down the aisle. Representing their gift shop, they were delighted to see my menorahs.  Denise was small in nature, but big in heart. Her red tresses, sweet smile and Lunch at the Ritz earrings said it in a glance: we shared an affection for so many of life's blessings. 

I met Gary when the Rosenbergs commissioned me to create a family weather vane. As years passed and their children went to college near my Ct studio, Denise would stop by for Open Houses. There were the Silvetsri years when I didn't see much of the Rosenbergs, but then they commissioned the chuppah, which includes some very special NY imagery and wording particular to the family The years have passed quickly and their collection expanded to include the outdoors and a marvelous, miraculous, mostly metal  "truly perennial Garden," as Gary refers to it. It couldn't have happened without the incredibly talented Marjorie Schutz, garden designer, extraordinaire.

On the last Saturday of September 2013, another milestone event graced the halls and gardens of the Rosenberg home. A shower was held for a cherished daughter in law to be. The day was heavenly with laughter, food and friends. Photographer Bruce Frish came to capture all he could of the stage we set, regardless of the bright sun. Enjoy Bruce's talents; a birdseye view of the Rosenberg collection. 

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All photos on this page taken by Bruce Frisch

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