Here Comes the Bride

The story of one couple's personalized chuppah

Labors of Love
When it comes to labors of love, Karen Rossi is an expert. Her original metal sculptures have all been carefully crafted with love and dedication. For years, she's been hand-cutting metal, carefully crafting highly unique sculptures, and handpainting the delicate details. Each part of the process is filled with a love of metal and a love of creating.

Whimsical Weddings
It seems that nothing epitomizes love quite like a wedding, so it wasn't a far stretch for Karen's metalworking, something so filled with love, to move into the realm of weddings. Almost a year ago, she was contacted by the Rosenberg family, who adored Karen's whimsical style and were long-time fans of her Judaica products. Their daughter was in the midst of planning her wedding, and they desired to commission an original chuppah, an arch under which Jewish couples are traditionally married. Karen had just finished a garden arch for Rosa DeLauro and Stanley Greenberg, and she knew that a similar design would make a perfect chuppah. She had also been brainstorming the creation of her own wedding arch, which she plans to use when she and fiancé, Greg Pasborg, get married.

Personal Touches
Karen created a very personalized arch for the Rosenbergs, complete with quotes from their daughter's wedding vows and cut-out buildings from the area of New York City where the wedding was to take place. It's this high level of personalization that makes a Rossi art piece what it is: a unique and special creation that tells the story of an individual, or in the case of the chuppahs, a couple. The chuppah was powdercoated in bright, festive colors, chosen by the Rosenbergs. On the day of the wedding it was bedecked with gorgeous flowers, making it the perfect spot for the couple to exchange their vows.

Karen's Chuppah at the wedding

Karen's Chuppah at the wedding