Make Your Own Fanciful Flight! Virtual workshops

Workshops now available locally *and* long distance

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We are launching our first Make Your Own Fanciful Flight Workshops via Zoom. Please let us know if you have a request!

Upcoming Dates - all at 2:00pm EST
Wednesday, July 24 - Mermaid Suncatchers

Saturday, August 10 - Breast Cancer Survivor Fanciful Flight

Wednesday, August 14 - Mystic Fanciful Flight

Sunday, September 8 - Teacher Fanciful Flight

Wednesday, September 25 - Witch Fanciful Flight

Family & Friends Online Group Workshop - You pick the Flight & time!

for 3-6 people

for 7-10 people

With this workshop, you can personalize your very own flying character to make a portrait of yourself, a friend, or a creative made-up character -- all from the comfort of your own home. 

Materials Needed:

  • Paints + paintbrushes
  • Charms, beads, and sparkles (some included)
  • Wire  (included)
  • “Flight” body (included)
  • Wire cutter or scissors, needlenose pliers 

Materials that can be used as charms:

  • Buttons and bells
  • Broken jewelry
  • Shells and sea glass
  • Make your own from clay
  • Craft store metal and plastic charms

Mermaid Sun Catcher

Mermaid Sun Catcher

How to use Zoom

Doing one of our workshops with Zoom Online Conferencing is really easy!

1. You'll order your workshop kit through our e-store like any other product.  

2. You'll receive an email with instructions and more information. Zoom is free and easy to download! You'll also receive your materials kit in the mail.  

3. We will send you a link to join our Zoom meeting. You'll be able to log in, make sure your audio and video are turned on, and then start crafting with Karen! 



  1. Plan your design on your “Flight” body by using a pencil or Sharpie marker to draw the outfit and details. 
  2. Use pliers to mold the hair and dress shape 
  3. Use the paints to paint the skin, hair, outfit, and accessories onto your “Flight”
  4. Details and patterning can be added once the solid layers of paint are dry. Stickers, scrapbooking materials, nail polish, sparkles, and fabric paint are fun ways to add special touches.
  5. Once you are finished with your flights body, hair, and outfit, it is time to add the charms! Use charms, wire, beads, and any other materials you have collected. 
  6. Be sure to sign your masterpiece! 

Fun ways to make your “Flight” unique:

  •  Use scrapbooking materials and stickers to decorate your Flight’s outfit.
  • Include fabric and trim details
  • Create a special hanger with wire and beads.
  • Use glitter or glitter fabric paint to add sparkly touches
  • Sharpie markers + paint pens are helpful to add designs onto the outfit.
  • Use paper, fabric, or felt to make shoes and a belt for your “Flight”
  • Add beads and wire to the hair for a fancy style


Once you create your own original “Flight,” please send me a picture of your piece to be posted on our website by e-mailing!

Beading (or repairing) charms

We recieved a few requests seeking assistance for repairs... 

If you have the charm that's fallen off, it's easy to reattach! If not, or if you just want to be creative-- go to any craft store and get a charm. You could even use broken jewelry, or an earring that's missing it's match.  You could use a jump ring, or follow the instructions for how to wire them on with a bead below. 

The picture here is a charm that Allan in Florida attached to his menorah!


For children or those with difficulty using small pieces, here is an easier solution for beading: Follow the steps above, but eliminate the bead on the top of the arms. Simply thread the wire up through the arm hole, bend it over the arm (back toward the bottom) and wrap as shown above.