A Studio in the Woods Gate

New Orleans, Louisiana


In 2003 Karen colaborated with artist Lucianne Carmichael to create a gate for the artist retreat A Studio in the Woods located in the beautiful New Orleans bottomland hardwood forest.

The gate illustrates the lush nature that consumes the retreat site, including local flora, fauna, animals and insects. The piece appears to blend into its environment, yet remains static among the noise and movement of its organic surroundings.

The gate stands 69" from the ground at its highest point and each of its panels measures 63"x96." It has two eight foot wide doors that swing open to allow cars through. Fabricator Roger Escude Sr. secured the piece with a metal frame, hinges, and a post for mobility. Decorative Artist Heidi Poché applied a coat of rust inhibitor paint, copper leafed it and then applied a chemical patina treatment as a finishing touch; these supplementary artistic contributions emphasize a creative community of artists working and learning together.

At the unveiling ceremony on October 12, 2003 Karen was presented with a proclamation from the City Council of New Orleans recognizing her creative contribution to the Artist's Foundation Collection.

A Studio in the Woods is a non-profit organization that is also the home of co-founders Lucianne and Joe Carmichael. They founded the retreat with a commitment to preserving the landscape and artistic community; hoping that this haven will remain used and intact for years to come, they have entrusted the Friends of A Studio in the Woods to oversee their mission. For more information on A Studio in the Woods, visit their webpage at

You can also read the press release for more information.