Newman's Own Lumiere


Every now and then, an opportunity arises to create a once-in-a-lifetime piece. The proposal started in the summer of 2014, with a call from Newman's Own. They were seeking a whimsical and beautiful piece of lighting for their new corporate lobby. Wanting the welcoming area to represent the various branches of the Newman's Own Brand, I was asked to work with the campers at the Hole in the Wall Gang camp.

The campers enjoyed choosing characters to create their very own Fanciful Flights TM . First they painted the metal shapes of the Flights, and then they chose charms and trinkets to tell the story of their character. The charms were attached with beads and wire. Many times they made "self portraits," sometimes they made gifts for loved ones.

In the same manner - the design for the lamp was made to tell the story of the camp. The leaves speak of mother nature's embrace which the campers so enjoy (at other times they represent the flurry of campers), and the charms that were added tell the story of the camp experience. If you look closely, you'll see that there are many bugs and insect charms but also hearts, music notes, cowboy boots, drama masks, stars, and a variety of other charms. Especially hearts with the word love in them- which goes back to that wonderful little painting left at the stairs to the tree house: love 'n hugs!

Click here to read more about the camp experience!


 Special thanks to those who helped bring this project to fruition, including: the folks at Newman’s Own Foundation, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and Claudia Lubin (CPG Architects).