Beastie™ Beats!

May 11, 2002 - May 13, 2002

Beastie™ Beats!

During May 11-13, 2002, Karen at DeLind Fine Art Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin painted a Beastie Beat, one of those lovable fiberglass creatures created by artist, Dennis Pearson. The Beastie Beats, along with many others, will be "on parade" during Wisconsin's largest public art exhibition, beginning June 1st through Labor Day. They will be on display throughout the downtown and Greater Milwaukee areas - wherever Beastie's are sponsored. After Labor Day, the Beaties will be sold to the highest bidder via live and Internet auctions.

Beasties are funded by corporate and private sponsorships. Designs are executed by artists whose juried proposals, based on musical motifs, are available for sponsor consideration. Proceeds benefit the educational programs of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, which served 50,000 urban and suburban children annually. Sponsors at $25,000 can designate their Beastie auction proceeds to the charity of their choice.

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra League, in conjunction with the city of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture, and the Milwaukee Arts Board.

Visit or contact DeLind Fine Art Gallery at 414-271-8525 for more information.


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