Artwork Abounds
This summer has been filled with many fine art opportunities. Karen has enjoyed having more artwork to create, more chances to display her work, and more gallery openings to attend.

East Meets West
At the National Stationery Show in New York City, Karen connected with Mr. & Mrs. Chen, owners of Pearl River, the largest Asian department store in the country. They really liked the large Asian woman sculpture that Karen had created to promote her new line of "Fortune Cookie" greeting cards and characters. Since they wanted to display it in their store, Karen added some extra special details and delivered it to New York City just a few weeks ago. In addition to the sculpture, Pearl River is also carrying Karen's entire line of "Fortune Cookie" greeting cards. The twelve designs include Asian-themed subjects such as geishas, bamboo, koi fish, and more. Karen and Pearl River are also teaming up to create the store's annual calendar. Stay tuned for more details!

Ride the Wave
The National Stationery Show also reconnected Karen with Wave Gallery from New Haven, CT. Over the years, she has had original sculptures on display there. At the trade show Wave also showed an interest in Karen's "Fortune Cookie" greeting cards. Reestablishing her connections with a lot of the local galleries has been one of the best parts of returning to more of her fine artwork and metal sculpture.

Get it at the Guild
For several years, the Norfolk Artisan's Guild has been carrying Karen's licensed product, as well as her original pieces. They will soon have an exclusive on the collection of Norfolk-themed greeting cards that Karen has been creating. The cards feature sections of her popular illustration of the town of Norfolk. The Guild is located on Route 44 in downtown Norfolk, CT.


Fortune Cookies


 Wave Gallery and Pearl River are two of the shops that will be carrying Karen's "Fortune Cookie" greeting cards.