To the trade

Trade Show Tips

Tool Kit should include:

-Selection of nails.
-Pliers and wire cutter.
-Screwdrivers, regular and Phillips with assortment of screws.
-Tape rug, strapping, masking, double-faced, Velcro (both male and female) and of course DUCT TAPE.
-Staple gun and staples.
-Tape measure.
-Extension cords.
-Outlet strips.
-Marking pens.
-Leveling shims.
-Fire extinguisher.
-First aid kit.
-Touch-up paint in exhibit colors with assortment of brushes.
-Cleaning solutions.
-Spare light bulbs.
-Saw, wood and metal.
-String, chalk, plastic sheets.
-Cleaning cloths, spray cleaner, and a portable vacuum cleaner.

Office Suppies that you should have:

-Sales lead forms, contracts and order forms.
-Office letterhead and notepads.
-Folders files.
-Inexpensive paper staplers and staples.
-Staple remover.
-Business cards.
-Ballpoint pens and marker pens.
-Personal appointment book.
-Cellophane tape and paper clips.
-#10 envelops & 9x12 envelops.
-Services addresses for coping and supplies.
-Rental stores for needed office machines.
-Important phone numbers

Tips for presentation in your booth:

-Wear business dress.
-Wear older, comfortable, broken-in but shiny shoes.
-Arrive at the booth 15 minutes before the show opening each day.
-Never start a conversation with the words, "Can I help you?" Instead create an open-ended question that encourages the visitor to indicate a bit about who they are and what they do. Rehearse the opening line till it becomes natural.
-Use the first minute of the conversation to qualify a true prospect before getting into a deeper conversation or demonstration or your product or service.
-Speak clearly. Show floors can be quite noisy.
-Do not carry on conversations with other booth staff. Even during seemingly quiet periods stay alert and mindful giving prospects an impression of your willingness to help them.
-Do not eat, smoke or drink (a sip of water every now and then is ok) at the booth.
-Remember your body language Stand with hands at your sides or cupped below the waist. Do not fold your arms in front of your chest or put your hands in your pockets.
-Wear your name badge on your right side so it can be seen during a handshake.
-Write everything down about a prospect. Do not rely on your memory.
-Remain professional, and businesslike. Shows are not for the shy and timid but also not for a fast talking salesperson mentality.
-Avoid indiscriminate distribution of literature or giveaways. Most end up in the circular file or get given to their children when they get home.

Licensing FAQ

Karen's Booth 1720 at Surtex 2004

Karen's Booth 1716 at Surtex 2003.

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