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Sending messages to loved ones has taken on a fun and whimsical appeal with a new series of note cards, created by Karen Rossi in partnership with Tide-mark Press. Rossi has designed two dynamic collections, each including 16 blank note cards with 17 corresponding envelopes.

The first is a set of "best friends" cards, which star Zoe and Gracie chatting, shopping, traveling, and enjoying hot beverages. Each piece of stationary captures a cherished moment between girlfriends.

A second set features a series of angels in celestial scenes. Promise, Cherish, Melody, and Serene adorn these cards, which are perfect for providing heavenly messages of peace, hope, faith, and love.

Both sets of cards are displayed in an exquisitely handcrafted case that features a hinged magnetic closure; these beautiful boxes are perfect for storing letters, photographs, and other keepsakes long after the cards have been sent.

Both are available at the Karen Rossi Store.










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