Create a Thumbprint Family Tree!

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Record your family history with your thumbs!

Materials needed:
* Light blue construction paper
* 1 black pen
* 1 brown marker
* 1 Green washable ink pad

1. Start by drawing a tree trunk in brown marker on the blue construction paper.

2. Press your thumb into the green ink pad, put your thumbprint at the very top of the tree, and when it is dry, write your name and birthday on or below the print.

3. On the other side of the tree, have your siblings put their thumbprints on a branch and write their names and birthdays below their prints as well.

4. Below your and your siblings names have your mom and dad add their thumbprints and ask them to write their names and birthdays below the prints too.

5. Below your dad, you can add his parents, your grandparents, and below your mom, add her parents, you can even add great grandparents too!

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