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Recycling/Reclaiming Project
-Project: Participants will bring in (or be provided with) old bottles or jars, these can be painted opaque white with gesso. Participants will paint on gessoed bottle.  They can either recreate a famous painting or image, or create their own unique image. Paint, or mosaic materials (ceramic pieces, beads or glass) can be used
-Wellness Aspect: Emphasis on the therapeutic idea of transforming an old "useless" utilitarian object into a beautiful piece of art

-Project: Participants will be provided with a metal mandala that they can decorate using paints, beads, ceramics, glass or other materials to create a mosaic type image. Object will hang like a mobile.
-Wellness Aspect: Mandalas (originally a Sanskrit word) have been used symbolically in many religions including Hinduism, and Buddhism.  They are used as a tool for meditation, the circular imagery can be relaxing and help with focus.

Self Portrait Collage
-Project: Participants will work with either an object (metal?) in the shape of their silhouette or their hand. Will create a personal collage within outline using imagery from magazines, printed quotes, paint, beads, glass, ceramic, or any other desired type of material
-Wellness Aspect: Final image meant to represent the participant's inner self, dreams or goals, and help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves and where they are at this point in their lives

Fanciful Flights as Worry Dolls
-Project: Participants will get a blank template for a Fanciful Flight. They will paint and decorate template, instructed to make her beautiful and strong enough to handle their worst worries
-Wellness Aspect: Worry dolls are small dolls meant to help with a person’s worries.  They originated in Guatemala, and are traditionally used by being placed under a person’s pillow and “worrying in their place” so that they can sleep well

Hanging God’s Eyes
-Project: Participants will use either wooden sticks or metal poles (about a foot long and no thicker than an inch) and assemble them in the shape of a cross. They will be given yarn to weave in the God’s eye pattern, the final product will be able to hang like a mobile
-Wellness Aspect: God’s Eyes are a Spanish tradition that originated in South America, and their meaning slightly varies by country.  They are symbols of blessing and protection on the home that they are displayed in.

Anchor Project: What Anchors You?
-Project: Participants will bring photos and other various collaging materials of their choice to create a representation of the things that ground them in life.  They will create this collage on small, pre-cut, metal anchors.  They will be able to hang these as ornaments, or use them for other decorative purposes.
-Wellness Aspect: An anchor is a symbol of strength, stability, and a connection to home.  Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on what grounds them and what they are grateful for in life as they chose and organize their own collaging materials.  


Book Page Mounted Poem
-Project: Participants will be a given a page from a random book.  They will use sharpies and paint to choose certain words and phrases from the page and create a poem, isolating the words however they choose.  They will then modge-podge the page to a small canvas so they can use paint to decorate the piece.
-Wellness Aspect: While reading through their pages, participants are able to think creatively and abstractly, putting various words and phrases together to create their own personal statement.  This action allows them to be introspective and think in a unique creative way as they find their own “statement” amongst random sentences and paragraphs.

Mason Jar Candle Holder
-Project: Participants will use transparent, glass paint to create a stained glass effect on the outside of the mason jar.  Then, in a more opaque paint they will paint an inspiring word or quote over their design.  After the project is complete, the mason jar will serve as a candle holder.
-Wellness Aspect: When the candle inside the mason jar is lit, the light will shine through the transparent paint, but not the opaque, darker paint used to paint the words.  This will cause the words painted to really stand out against the colors, and the glow from the candle.  The candle will be an important symbol and reminder of the message that the participant chose to paint on the mason jar.

Create a Box of Values
-Project: Participants will decorate a small cardboard box using paint, beads and other decorative materials.  They will be instructed to decorate the box in a way that represents themselves.  They will use this box to hold things of value to them, these items should be symbolic of bigger things, their lives (people, places, events, etc).
-Wellness Aspect: Participants will be able to reflect on the people, places and events in their lives that are of importance to them.  The project provides a physical object that represents the participant’s and their closest values.

Create a Rorschach Inkblot Painting
-Project: Participants will fold a piece of paper in half and put some paint on one side, then fold it closed.  They will use the image generated by the paint to create a unique painting.  
-Wellness Aspect: Similar to the book page poem project, this project allows participants to think in a unique and creative way.  Looking for an image in the inkblot has a similar effect to looking for animals in clouds.  It is a relaxing activity that gets participants thinking differently than they would in their day to day lives.

***(the next three are quicker projects, that could be used for warm-ups to workshops)

Paint Your Emotions Project
-Project: Participants will be provided with large paper, and various media (paints, markers, pens, etc.).  They will then be asked  to create an abstract painting representing their emotions.
-Wellness Aspect: This project will allow participants to express themselves in a way that they might not feel comfortable doing in a verbal way.  It will also allow them to get more in touch with emotions that may be difficult for them to handle

Meditative Drawing Exercise
-Project: Participants will be instructed to relax, and focus on their breathing, they will then be instructed to doodle within a small 5x5” square.  They will focus on patterns and repeating objects.  They will also be instructed that this is just a warm up exercise, and not to worry about the finished product.
-Wellness Aspect: This exercise allows participants to get out of their own heads and relax while making art.  It also allows them to begin thinking abstractly and creatively, to warm up for further art-making.

Draw an Abstract Concept
-Project: Participants will be instructed to choose an abstract concept (ei. freedom, happiness, movement, heat, etc.), and then to draw it.  They will use large paper and a variety of materials, such as paint, markers, pens, etc.
-Wellness Aspect: Similar to the “Draw an Emotion” project, this project will get participants thinking abstractly and creatively, and help them to think more deeply about the concepts that affect their daily experiences.

**Group Activities (can be used as an alternative to the above warm up excercises for beginning a workshop)

Alternative Brush Project
-Project: Get a cup filled with an assortment of objects that could be used as paintbrushes (flowers, brushes, q-tips, sticks, etc.).  Each person has to pick an object from the cup and then create a painting with it using india ink.
-Wellness Aspect: This project will get participants out of their comfort zone and ready to engage in art making.  It will also help them think creativley and abstractly

Large Collaborative Painting
-Project: Have the group sit in a circle and pass a large canvas around, each person adding to it as they go, it can be as simple as an individual brushstroke, a quote, word or an image.  After several laps around the group, look at the large collaborative painting together and discuss it as a group.
-Wellness Aspect: This project gets participants involved with working collaborativley.  This introduces an uncontrollable element to their art work.  It allows them to see how others work, and inspire them to try new things.

Meditative Drawing

Abstract Concept Drawing


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