Original Artwork for Sale

The Process of Creating or Recreating an Original Cat Wall Sculpture

Since creating the Karen Rossi Gallery in 2010, many collectors have visited the original works on display at the Norfolk studio and expressed interest in purchase. Since the bulk of the artwork was created 10-20 years ago, the question of “how much does it cost?” is difficult to answer. The older pieces have sentimental value, but they also show signs of fatigue from age, elements, and being moved so many times, studio to studio, and show to show. With conditions to recreate a piece so vastly different than decades ago when there was a different overhead, youthful energy, and at least 10 employees (lots of elves to help with all the aspects of creating sculpture), Karen wonders herself.

People always want to know how long a piece takes. I often work on several pieces at a time, and people are able to personalize.

Here are the steps.

Step 1 Create a pattern. Trace the sculpture onto paper. The flow of positive and negative shapes are very important to the artwork holding together structurally, and having aesthetic integrity.

Step 2 Reinforce the pattern with tape and cut it out & decide which metal to make it out of.

Step 3 Prepare the metal with acetone and sand

Step 4 Trace it onto the metal

Step 5 Plasma cut the metal (Okay, so this isn’t the cat sculpture, but it was way too windy to document!)

Step 6 Trim the cut metal with shears as needed. The plasma process goes quickly, and it is easy to over or undercut.

Step 7 File and sand the burrs and slag on the metal

Step 8 Hammer and form the shape

Step 9 Attachment: weld, braze, and rivet the needed parts (Okay...it’s not me! More cat photos coming soon!)

Step 10 Soak, sandblast, and prepare the surface for paint

Step 11 Prime the metal

Step 12 Base coat the metal with several layers of spray 

Step 13 Begin hand painting

Step 14 Add finishing touches including fabric paint, beads and charms

Step 15 Add clear coat (sometimes at the auto body shop)


Here is the original and here is the commissioned piece.

Bruce and Reiko are the patient fans who would like to see their kitty as a sculpture.















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