A variety of art workshops available for individuals with varying abilities and skill levels.



Painted Rocks Project
Participants will be given acrylic paint and other supplies for decorating, and will decorate small, smooth, stones.  They will be given examples of words and quotes to copy.





Tissue Paper Suncatcher
Participants create colorful, stained glass inspired collages using tissue paper, modge podge and plexiglass.  They will also be able to use glass paint to paint designs or imagery on the piece. They will be able to hang the finished piece from fishing line, so it can hang in a window and catch the sun




Sculpey Clay Project
Participants will use sculpey clay to make objects of their choice, they will be instructed on how to make small bowls, or cups, but will also be told they can make any sort of representative or abstract image that they wish.



Sponge Painting Project
Participants will work on a large canvas using acrylic paint and a sponge as a brush to create representational or abstract imagery





Paint Your Feelings Project
Participants will be given large canvases, and acrylic paint and be instructed to create an abstract or representational painting depicting their feelings.  
They will be provided with instructions and examples showing abstract, emotional paintings







Art Tape Painting
Participants will be given a canvas and art tape, they will use the tape to create clean, geometric patterns and designs.  Once they are done, they will use acrylic paint to paint the whole canvas in whatever colors or designs they wish.  After this, they will remove the art tape to create a unique, dynamic painting.



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Rock Painting

Tissue Paper Suncatcher


Sponge Painting

Paint Your Feelings

Art Tape Painting


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