Brilliant Blooms
Color is the over-riding theme of Karen's garden.

The Plants are Back
Nothing makes Karen happier than seeing her yard filling with flowers once again.

It's a Jungle in Here
The plants and flowers have not only taken over Karen's yard, but they've made a home indoors as well.

The Color of Summer
Just about every color of the rainbow can be found in Karen's garden.

See How My Garden Grows
Karen was thrilled to find that so many of the seeds she planted began to sprout so quickly.



Totally Obsessed
Obsession is the word that Karen Rossi uses to describe her current fascination with gardening. The activity that started as a hobby has now turned into a way of life. It comes as no surprise, however, for every pastime that she's ever embraced has become all-consuming. It starts small, and then before long, she finds herself totally lost in it.

The Waiting Game
As with any die-hard gardener, Karen's green thumbs were itching to get her ceramic pots purchased and her seeds planted as early as possible this year. The warm weather had barely begun before herbs were planted, flowers were picked out, and stacks of pots took up residence in her garage. Six trays of pansies were discovered during a weekend shopping trip, and every one has since been placed all over the yard.

In addition to her new seedlings, Karen was anxious to see which plants from last spring would begin popping their little heads above ground once again. With this being her first year to experience the re-growth of her perennials, Karen found herself especially excited. However, for weeks, she was in a panic, as nothing seemed to be growing. Before long, her fears were laid to rest as the yard began to fill up with beautiful, new growth.

Take a Guess
As a fairly new gardener, Karen's biggest challenge of the year has been separating the weeds from the flowers. Until they grow big enough to reveal their true identities, the little plants often leave Karen wondering. Since she doesn't want to accidentally pull up any of her precious flowers, she's taken to waiting. Also, she's found it helpful to leave the plant markers stuck in the ground next to anything that she adds to the garden. Although it's become a pet peeve for Greg, Karen is sure that it will make the task of identifying much easier.

The Amazing Technicolor Garden
Whether she's creating masterpieces in the garden or the art studio, Karen's love of color always shines through. Although she envies gardeners who meticulously create monochromatic designs for their flowerbeds, Karen finds that she just can't limit herself to one color family. Instead, she prefers to revel in the rainbow of hues that has grown in her vibrant garden. Such a garden seems suited to Karen, as the wide variation in color creates the perfect reflection of her bright, cheerful sculptures and paintings.



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