Ahoy, Greg! The Sea Captain

On A Discovery Cruise
No afternoon boat ride around the pond would be complete without a hearty "Ahoy Matey" from Greg, the "sea captain" of Karen's Walker Bay boat. With his trusty electric motor by his side, he and Karen are off to discover what treasures of fall the pond holds today.

The Snowy Family
Affectionately known by Karen as the "Snowy Family" this group of swans has secured quite the high position around the pond. Never do they fear that they'll go hungry, for each day brings a faithful band of followers, with bread crumbs in hand. In fact, these swans have become rather spoiled. Karen's attempts to entice them with microwave popcorn remained un-intriguing.

November Garden Page



For the past several months, we have featured the constantly changing world of Karen's gardens. However, now that autumn has rolled into town, the height of the gardening season is quickly coming to a close. So, we thought it best to turn the camera away from the typical flower and herb gardens and onto the pond near Karen's home. She considers it to be a sort of garden all its own: a water garden full of wildlife, beauty, and inspiration.

A Source of Inspiration
There are countless sources of inspiration to be found on such a day. Karen seems quite content to just take in the sounds of the woodpeckers and the sight of the changing leaves. She says it was this pond that sold her on the house. The ever-changing surroundings have reinforced this feeling in her mind. The pond never finds itself lacking for company, whether it's the graceful blue heron, the families of ducks, or the shy painted turtles.


Water Lilies
The inspiring sights only continued as Karen and Greg came upon their own personal garden of water lilies. Very reminiscent of Monet's paintings, they add a special sort of charm to the pond.

Treasure Trove
The "treasure trove," known only to those who have allowed themselves a chance to truly explore, is the cove that’s located at the end of the pond. It is there that you can sit and yodel to your heart's content. Your echo will bounce all around you, as you look back across the rippling waves.




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