My transplanted Dogwood tree did so well this summer. Spring brought delicate white flowers. Now she is giving me one last beautiful show of color before saying goodbye for the winter.



Here are some of her beautiful flowers. How could I not be inspired. These Gloxinias are such a welcome burst of color in these fall months. The last crop of Basil will compliment the last fresh tomatoes of the season. If you look really closely you can see a Karen Rossi whirligig and bell chime in the windows reflection. You can also see the photographer!






Hey look, it's my neighbor's house, looks like I'm not the only one around here with a green thumb

Above are some of my Straw Flowers, accompanied by my shade-loving Hosta



This beautiful Sedum is finally starting to show its fall colors. Each little flowers opens up to create a fluffy looking top that adds pop to the garden. Blue Straw Flowers are in the back. Although I planted them in many gardens, they did best in this one. Maybe they just had more room to grow. I can not wait to dry them for arrangements.




Morning Glories seem to be the flower this year. These are actually my neighbors. She has beautiful gardens and has been an inspiration to me. She is also always willing to offer helpful advice which I thank her for. She has been my gardening mentor.



Winter berries are starting to dot all of my gardens. Not only do they add beautiful color, they will provide food for the many wintering birds that visit my yard. Leaves are already starting to fall off the trees, a sign that New England winter is coming.

Dawn illuminates a beautiful fall landscape. Mist rises from the pond in the early morning, signaling that we are approaching winter. Go outside and enjoy nature while you can.


My Black Eyed Susans are doing well (right), and my Morning Glories look like they're making their way up the stairs (above and below). Perhaps they're planning on moving inside for the winter.

It's so lovely sitting down for a meal overlooking the lake

It's almost time to dig up my Cannas and bring it inside before it gets too cold.

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