A shot of the house from the side with a new fireplace chimney on the top. Recently, I had to endure the frustration of having water leak through the fireplace and the surrounding drywall. Home improvement continues.

Remember those Morning Glory seedlings? They sure have grown and are taking over the house! I can not wait to harvest the seeds and start thinking about planting next year's gardens.

The adorable cow you see in the background was a purchase I made from Branson, Missouri. His tail has a hose that all of the kids in the neighborhood have a blast with. Orange berries, rose bushes, and bulbs attract many birds to the area as well. The tree behind him is starting to die and I planted this garden so that when his time finally comes I will not be too sad.



My pond house and bench overlooking the water and landscape. The bench is Greg's latest project, working long and hard on it with his father. The boat has an electric motor, so I have a great time out on the water. We have only gotten out a few times this year, but once out there, I start to really unwind.

My favorite garden . It is flourishing with plants and bushes I love the way that the stone look.

The newest garden from the side. In the distance is Greg walking up. He supports me in my garden craziness, but only because I let him have his projects too.


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