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Well, it's August already! My how time flies. Soon the cool winds of September will blow summer away for another year. As you can see, I've still been busy with my yard work. Some things are working out better than others, but all-and-all this summer has been nothing but good in the garden.

The always-exciting Birch Tree I bought at Agway for next to nothing.

The ol' side of the house garden still growing like crazy.

I tied strings to the gutter so my Morning Glories could keep growing up and up. They are another success story straight from the seed, and are definitely working out better than the wildflowers.

My never-cease-to-amaze-me Lillys, down by the green pond. Now blooming for an encore performance.

Greg's tomatoes, stilling growing like there's no tomorrow.


I planted some wildflower seeds and they have lived up to their name. I'm afraid to weed them because I can't tell what are weeds and what are flowers? Now I have natural grass growing up to 6 feet high.

My lettuce is dying. You're supposed to pick the small leaves and we picked the big ones…opps, we'll get it right next year.

My annuals are slowly replacing the herb garden.

The pavers are finished which means I don't have to track mud into the house anymore. Next week a mason will come and remove the leaky chimney so it doesn't rain inside the house. Now all I have to do is find a place for the 10 yards of wood clips I ordered.

The spinners I bought at Compradores. I thought they'd inspire me to think up another mobile design. So far they've just left my mind spinning in circles.

My bargain-buy Mermaid Café overlooking the pond below (turns out the pond jumped on the bandwagon and turned green like everything else this summer).


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