If you tuned in to last month's episode, you saw everything from my perennials to my shade garden. Well, the ball has kept rolling and the plants are still growing. Although some of my pictures didn't develop so well, most of my new landscaping ideas have, enjoy!

My plants wait for the elusive New England sun.

The new tool shed and soon-to-be screen house pose as I confuse aperture with shutter speed.

At 6 am this place looks like a Finch Condo. Unfortunately, they all appear to be camera shy.

Ahh yes, my proudest achievement; the morning glory I grew from the smallest of seeds. Soon it will completely cover up that ever-so beautiful PVC pipe.


June's garden update

Its no coincidence that many of Karen's designs have to do with Gardens and Gardening. One of her favorite activities, Karen loves to work in the garden and has created several that she'd like to share with her fans and collectors.

Karen also appreciates the wildlife which commonly inhabits her Southern New England home, her pond supports turtles, ducks, swans, Canadian Geese and lots of other interesting creatures.

Karen's House before the tool shed.

The Water Garden features plants which help to prevent land erosion such as azaleas, burning bushes, rhododendrons, willow saplings and juniper bushes. Further down by the water, karen has planted lily, iris, blueberry bushes, pussywillows and other boggy plants as well as ferns from woods and low growing moss to keep the birds off the shore

The Shade Garden




Home improvements continue with My signature brand Fanciful Flight bulldozer.By next month's e-mail, you should see pavers and landscaping in front of the door.

Whatever it is, I've cut it back four times and it still grows. It was purchased at the Treeline Gallery signing event.

My new deck. Can't see it? It's right over there, next to the emperor's new clothes.

A sure sign of my commitment to spend more time outdoors this summer. A great find at Target, the outdoor shower is great for rinsing away garden dirt and bug spray. The only drawback is, the water is 2 degrees below freezing cold.

Check back next month for updates on Karen's online Garden Journal and to see more views of her gardens as they grow.

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An Herb Garden runs along the front porch outside the kitchen, providing easy access to fresh plants for cooking.

Karen focused on perennials for her gardens so the plants will return to her yard again year after year.



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