Jillian Yaun

Artwork by Karen Rossi's 2016 summer intern, Jillian Yaun

Bob Englehart

Famous artist and author.


Congratulations Graduates!


Celebrating Father's Day!

Great Moms

Celebrating Great Women and Mothers.

Bruce Frisch: NorFolk Collection

Karen and other Norfolk, CT people make up Bruce Frisch's latest photography collection. Read more...

Relevant now: Bullying Part 3

Karen concludes her true story about childhood bullies.

Relevant now: Bullying Part 2

Karen continues to share her true story about childhood bullies.

Relevant now: Bullying Part I

Part one of Karen's true story about her experience with bullies.

Lisa Auclair: Foodie with Flair

Lisa Auclair inspires and delights with her love of food, her commitment to natural, healthy living, and the strong importance she places on family. Read more about Lisa...

Good Friends: Shelly & Lance

Lance and Shelly have helped Karen at many shows, events, and open houses. Read more about this great couple...

Leeah Joo

Artist and Rossi Studios' employee, Leeah Joo, is exhibiting her paintings in a three-part exhibit in various cities across the country. Read more...

Heather & Dan: New Beginnings

Rossi Studios' Heather Warriner and her husband, Dan, explore what it means to accept the changes that life brings. Read more...

Ruth Sack: Merging Creativity & Charity

Karen and fellow artist, Ruth Sack, worked together to plan a Fanciful Flights party to benefit Hadassah. Read more...

Jennifer Barretto Book

Jennifer Barretto's book, "Once Upon a Time - Women Living Their Creative Dreams" shares the stories of successful female artists. Read more...

Christmas Firsts

The Rossi Studios crew is enjoying a holiday season filled with lots of "firsts." Read more...

Pearl River: A Source of Inspiration

The moment that Karen Rossi first walked into Pearl River, the largest Asian department store in the country, she felt like a kid in a candy store. Learn how she was inspired by what she saw.

Wendy Magnifico: A Woman of Many Talents

Here at Rossi Studios, we know Wendy Magnifico as the talented bookkeeper who keeps everything organized and running smoothly. However, she wears many other hats as well. Learn about her "Spa Escape" parties and how you can book one of your own!

Nancy Michaud: Amazing Artist and Paper Quilting Queen

Behind every great business there are lots of people who help to make things run smoothly. Here at Rossi Studios, Nancy Michaud is one of those people. Read more about her artwork and her creative quilts.

Dreams Come True: The Norfolk Sculpture Garden

Ever since 2000, when Karen purchased a property in Norfolk, CT, her dream has been to create a fully functioning studio on the land of this rustic, quiet getaway. Read how a few friends have helped that dream to become reality.

The Road to Inspiration: The Adventures of Taco & Pucci

Artists don't always know when or how inspiration will strike. But for Karen, it often comes through her two little Chihuahuas. Read about the artwork that's inspired by these pooches.

Dana Spicer: Charming Neighbor and Talented Businesswoman

In the midst of all our moves, good neighbor, Dana Spicer, came to the rescue when she offered Karen a new Wethersfield home in her two shops, "Heart of the Country" and "Mainly Tea." Read more...

The Norfolk Artisan's Guild: An Artistic Outlet

Some of the best towns you could ever find are the ones that lie hidden away, far from the major cities, isolated from some of the hecticness of daily life. Norfolk is just such a place, and it's home to the charming Artisan's Guild. Find out more about the guild and the incredible artists who display their work there.

Poochie: The New Dog in Town

After falling in love with her Chihuahua, Taco, Karen knew that she'd gladly adopt a second little dog. She just never expected it to happen a week before leaving for the Surtex Show. Find out how Poochie made her way onto the scene.

Amy Micallef - Fabric Aficionado

When it comes to loving fabric, we don't know anyone who fits the bill more than Amy Micallef. Find out how she helped Karen show off her recently released Benartex fabric line.

Rossi Friends: 2006 New Year's Resolutions

It never fails that with the arrival of January 1st, we find ourselves vowing up a storm…promising to change this or make time for that. We had a hunch that we weren't the only ones in such a spot, so we set out to see what some of our Rossi Studios' friends have had on their minds as 2006 has stepped onto the scene.

Tim, Eric, and Kurt: The Men Behind the Scenes

In the world of art, it's the behind-the-scenes action that tends to be overlooked. Read about three guys who lent their expertise to some of Karen's most recent fine arts commissions.

Taco: The Little Chihuahua that Could

When Karen made a visit to the Humane Society last month, it was with hopes of finding a big dog, such as a lab or a golden retriever. Read how a tiny, eleven-year old Chihuahua ended up winning her heart instead.

Virginia Fresk: The Ultimate Fan

Without even trying, we found a woman who has certainly lived up to the title of "The Ultimate Fan." Read about Karen's recent visit with Virginia, and learn how we've been inspired by her way of looking at life.

Mary Kinstler & Tina Espinosa: Neighbors with Heart

They say that good walls make good neighbors, but Karen Rossi would beg to differ. In a world where great neighbors are hard to come by, she has found herself doubly blessed. Read on to learn more about her wonderful neighbors, Mary and Tina.

Beth Pite
Beth Pite has been showing her art regularly since 1997, in both juried shows and solo exhibits. She is a member of the Connecticut Pastel Society, attended the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts, and has participated in workshops throughout New England. Beth has studied with nationally-known painters such as Frank Federico, Richard McDaniel and Gigi Liverant. Her colorful artwork has won awards in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and can be found in private collections in New York, Tennessee, Maine, Pennsylvania and throughout Connecticut.


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