The first stages
There are many different processes to the first stages of sculpting. The metal is hand cut to create free shapes. It then must be ground, smoothed, cut and filed down for sharp edges. The metal is hand formed in wooden m


Prepping the metal
Much prepping is needed in order to prepare the metal for painting. The sculpture must be sandblasted and primed.





Hand painting
All of Karen's sculptures are hand-painted. When the painting is complete details such as eyes and finger nail polish are added. The sculptures are then adorned with unique charms to add character and personality to the unique sculptures.

Finishing touches
Finally, these one-of-a-kind sculptures are inspected and prepared for presentation before being sold. After all of the finishing touches have been put on Karen will sign the piece. The last bits of finishing touches may include Karen's signature beads, charms, and sparkles.










Creating an Original Cat Sculpture
Learn more about Karen's process, and her original sculptures. . Learn more...


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