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April 17-18, 2004


Beastie™ Beats!

New! See pictures of completed Beastie 2004!

This spring at DeLind Fine Art Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Karen will paint a Beastie™ Beat, one of those lovable fiberglass creatures created by artist Dennis Pearson. The Beastie Beats, along with many others, will be "on parade" during Wisconsin's largest public art exhibition through Labor Day. They will be on display throughout the downtown and Greater Milwaukee areas - wherever Beastie's are sponsored. After Labor Day, the Beasties will be sold to the highest bidder via Internet auctions.

The public art exhibit of Beasties was started in summer of 2002 to raise funds for the youth music education programs of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra League. 61 life-size Beasties were created, bringing in $300,000. The themes for the Beasties have to be musical in some way, and in 2002 Karen's Beastie was painted with a theme based on the Fiddler on the Roof song "To Life." This year her design is based on the song "If I were a Rich Man" also from Fiddler on the Roof. The title of her new piece is "If I were a Rich Man, or Woman....or Beastie" and the Beastie will be lying down, dreaming both about how to spend its' money, as well as reflecting on all the things that make its' life





rich and full. The Beastie will have a wire mesh skirt, a change purse around its neck, a shopping bag by its side, and a dreamy expression on its face. (See sketch below.)

Beasties are funded by corporate and private sponsorships. Designs are executed by artists whose juried proposals, based on musical motifs, are available for sponsor consideration. Proceeds benefit the educational programs of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, which serves 50,000 urban and suburban children annually. Sponsors at $25,000 can designate their Beastie auction proceeds to the charity of their choice. Karen's Beastie is being sponsored by the Shops of Grand Avenue, the downtown "mall," part of which is in the beautiful, historical Plankinton Building. The Shops are also sponsoring an event during which all of the artists will sign the Beastie poster, and having a "hands-on" activity for children the last weekend in July, concurrent with the summer Gallery Nights event.

When completed, Karen's Beastie will grace the glass entrance on West Wisconsin Avenue, the main thoroughfare in the city.

Visit or contact DeLind Fine Art Gallery at 414-271-8525 for more information.

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