Kids Create Pasta Angels!

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Materials needed:
* 1 uncooked ziti noodle with lines, straight or slightly curved
* 2 small uncooked elbow macaroni noodles

* 1 uncooked bowtie pasta noodle
* 1 box Baby Pastina
* 1 round wooden or papier mache bead
* some small lengths of ribbon or decorative string
* elmer's or other all purpose white glue
* hot or cool glue gun
* gold, silver or other acrylic paint

1. Glue the wooden bead to one end of the ziti noodle.

2. Glue a bowtie (rounded edge facing out) flat against the ziti just below where the wooden bead is attached.

3. Holding the ziti so the bowtie is facing away from you, glue on the two elbow macaroni to the ziti as arms, each in front of the sides of the bowtie.

4. When the angel is dry, put glue on the back and top of the wooden bead head and roll it in the baby pastina for hair.

5. Paint and decorate as desired, then hot glue a loop of ribbon or string into the small opening between the top of the bowtie pasta wings and the angel's head.


This gold angel shows you how to put the pasta together.

There are no limits when decorating your angel! Break out the glitter paints, sequins, charms, feathers, anything angelic and fun. Here are three we made at Karen Rossi Studios.

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