Glass Gems
For Magnets & Tacks

If you are in search of a craft project that's great for just about anybody, then this is the one for you. Not only are glass gems simple and inexpensive, but they're also easy to alter to your own personal style. Plus, they provide a great way to recycle those old holiday greeting cards!

Small, clear glass gems (Available in craft stores)
Old holiday greeting cards
Craft glue (We used Sobo.)
Hot glue gun (and hot glue sticks)
Small craft magnets (Available in craft stores)

1. Choose some of your favorite holiday greeting cards for this project.
2. Place a glass gem (flat side down) on top of the greeting card that you've chosen. Find a section of the card that you especially like. (See our photos for some sample ideas.)
3. Trace around the glass gem with your pencil.
4. Cut out the circle, making sure that you cut slightly within the lines. The circle should actually be a little smaller than the backside of the gem. You don't want the paper to stick out past the edges.
5. Place a small dot of glue onto the flat side of the gem. Then, place your cut-out circle onto the glue and press down. Wipe off any glue that squirts out the edges. Set aside and allow to dry. (Don't worry if the glue looks cloudy. As it dries, it will become clear.)
6. Once the glue is dry, you can move onto the final step. Decide if you want the gems to be glued onto magnets or tacks. Then, use a hot glue gun to attach small magnets or tacks onto the backs of the gems.
7. Now, have fun jazzing up your fridge or corkboard with your snazzy, new creations!

The illustrations on holiday cards often contain lots of small details that are perfect for this project. Choose any small images that fit within the circle of the glass gem. Or, pick interesting pieces of a larger image.

You can also choose a more abstract look. By focusing in on small sections of larger patterns and textures, you can achieve some very unique results. There are no wrong answers, so just go with what you like.

Holiday cards almost always contain words (both on the outside and the inside) that make great glass gems! Choose some inspirational words that work well on their own. Or, find a variety of words that could be used to make sentences. Then, go ahead and create your very own refrigerator poetry!



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