Decorate a Flower Pot!

Rush in spring with a charming flower pot in which to plant your favorite seeds!

Nothing says spring more than fresh green baby plants peeking out of the soil. And what better way to greet them than in your own designer plant pot? Here are the simple directions to create a one-of-a kind piece of functional art.

You Will Need:
- A Clean Terra Cotta Plant Pot
- Acrylic Paint
- Ribbon
- Charms
- Thin Wire
- Glue

Step 1:
Paint the terra cotta pot either with solid colors, your own design, or a spring scene.

Step 3:
String your favorite charms onto the wire and then slip the top of the wire through the bow, loop it back around itself, and then cut off any excess.

Voila! Your delightful spring pot is ready to be planted with spring flowers!






Step 2:
Tie a ribbon around the top edges of the pot. Use little dabs of glue to hold the ribbon in place. Finish with the perfect bow!

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