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"Karen, I just enjoy your pieces so much. I love to give them as presents, so that when the receipents look at them, they will always think of me and how much I enjoyed picking out the piece for them." - M. B.

"Greetings! I first saw your pieces in stores around Las Olas Blvd in Ft Lauderdale, FL. I bought one because the litle "artist" poppet was an uncanny resembelence to a dear friend of mine who was also an artist. The ironic thing is she WAS (at the time in April) blind and the doll had beautiful blue lashes but holes for eyes... I bought it immediately...When it was presented to my friend, I described it to her. Just a little over two months ago she got her sight back and found it just as wonderful as before. So wonderful, in fact, she request we carry your pieces in our Los Angleles & Vinita, OK boutiques. We're all in love with your piece! Thanks so much!" - Andrea


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