Easter Egg Fun!

Paint an egg detailing your favorite Easter memories.

We used an ostrich egg here at Rossi Studios, but any egg will do. Use the surface as your canvas to either tell the story of your favorite Easter memories or decorate it with special designs or symbols that jump out and say "It's Easter, time to celebrate!"

You Will Need:
- An egg, it can be hard-boiled, wooden, plastic, Styrofoam or blown-out (directions here)
- Sharpie Marker or Pencil
- Acrylic Paint
- Glitter
- Ribbon (optional)
- Gemstones (optional)
- Roll of Masking Tape or Egg Cup

Step 1:
Prepare the surface of the egg. For example;
Ostrich Egg: use sandpaper to make surface smooth
Wooden Egg: prime with white paint or gesso
Plastic or Styrofoam Egg: papier-mâché surface to paint on

Make sure the surface of the egg is clean by wiping it down with a soft cloth.

Step 3:
Using bright Easter colors paint in your design.





Step 2:

Place the egg right-side-up either on a roll of masking tape or in an egg cup to hold it upright.

Draw out your design with either a sharpie marker or a pencil. Make sure you leave room to paint it in! You may also skip this step and go right to Step 3.

Step 4:
If you are feeling really creative, use some glue and add glitter to your egg. (See top photo.) You can also tie a thin ribbon around it's middle or at the top.

If you think your egg is especially terrific, send it in and we'll post it on our site! Send a digital photo to We can't wait to see what you have come up with! Happy Holidays!

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