Give Your Flight a Home!

Just like you, Fanciful Flights™ are each unique. Every Flight has her likes and dislikes, and her favorite things to do. And, just as you do, your Flight needs a place to sleep and eat and play. So, it's your job to create a home for her. Remember that Flights love to live in places that are filled with their favorite objects. Ava di Gardener would probably be most at home in beautiful, sunny, flower-filled garden. And, Zelda the Shopper would love to live in a house filled with animal prints and lots of cool things she bought at the mall. Think about where your Flight would be most happy, and then create a home for her. Take your time, be creative, and have fun!

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Materials needed:
* Your favorite Fanciful Flight™
* A shoe box or small cardboard box
* A pencil and paper
* Markers or paints
* Paintbrushes
* Glue
* Various materials such as glitter, pompoms, fabric, sequins, beads, and a variety of small boxes that can be painted and decorated to look like furniture. (Use any materials that you think would be fun to work with. Be sure to ask Mom or Dad before using things that you find.)

1. Think about what you want your house to look like. You might even want to do a pencil drawing of it before you start working on the real shoebox house.

2. Once you know how the house is going to look, start creating it! Draw or paint a picture of the room on the inside of the shoebox. (Remember to include things like windows, doors, wallpaper, stairs, fireplaces, pictures on the walls, and anything else that your Flight would like to have.)

3. When your painting is dry or your drawing is finished, start adding objects to your house (such as pompoms, fabric, smaller boxes that you paint and make into little tables or chairs.)

4. When your house is finished, hang your Fanciful Flight™ inside. Have your parents help you to attach the Flight to the "ceiling" of your house. To do this, Mom or Dad can cut a small slit in the top (what was originally the side) of the box, and then push the Flight's hook through the slit.

5. Your Flight will love the new home that you made especially for her!


This Fairy Godmother's house was created by Hillary, age 10.

Here's a closeup of the Fairy Godmother's dining table.

Camo girl in her barracks was created by Felicia, age 12.

Here's a close up of Camo Girl's furniture.


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