Give your home some summer flair with KR scarves!

It's time to get crafty! Scarves aren't only winter accessories, especially when they are decorative embroidered pieces that feature the designs of Karen Rossi. When you think about where to wear a scarf, you automatically think of your neck, but Karen wants you to get creative. Use these beautiful Rossi accessories to spice up your home décor! It's sure to be a celebrated conversation piece among guests. You can decorate your room using a single theme, such as the shopper, or mix and match Karen's capricious characters. Have fun!

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Start with an extra-ordinary Karen Rossi Scarf.

Idea #1

Tie back curtains with scarves to make a lovely window accent

Idea #2

Use as an elegant accent to your china cabinet

Idea #3

Use to hold chair covers in place

Idea # 4

Use the scarf as a table runner in your kitchen or dining room

or to add a fun accent to other furniture

Idea #5

Use as an antimacassar on the back of your favorite chair

and finally... get your pets to join in on the fun as well!


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