Shamrock Bookmarks

You don't have to be Irish to enjoy the fun of St. Patrick's Day! Join us in celebrating this holiday by creating your very own shamrock bookmark. Or, visit Karen's Norfolk studio on March 10 or make one there! For more info, click here: Karen's studio in Norfolk, CT

Scrapbooking papers in various shades of green

Shamrock pattern (click here for the pattern)



Hole punch

Needlenose pliers

Wire cutters


Green floral wire

Craft glue

1. Find some interesting scrapbooking papers in shades of green. Just about anything goes. Find textural papers, those with patterns, or those that are just solid green. Please note that card stocks and thicker papers will be stiffer and more durable.

2. Print the pattern. (Scale to size if necessary.) Trace the shamrock patterns onto your green papers so that you have three traced pieces.

3. Cut out the shamrocks.

4. Fold each leaf of the shamrock in half, so that the leaves are creased.

5. Punch a hole in each shamrock.

6. Use a wire cutter to cut three pieces of floral wire to about 6 inches in length. Place one wire through the hole in each shamrock and glue it onto the back of the paper shamrock.

7. Glue all three shamrocks together.

8. Take the three pieces of wire and begin braiding them together. As you are braiding the wire, add beads along the way (just slip onto one of the wire pieces) and continue braiding.

9. Once there is just an inch left to the wire, use needlenose pliers to curl the ends of the wire into spirals.

10. The finished piece can now be used as a bookmark, or as a pin (by attaching a corsage pin).



Shamrock Bookmark: This fun bookmark will make a perfect gift for yourself or a friend.

Step 1: There are tons of interesting scrapbooking papers available through your local craft stores!

Step 4: By folding the shamrock leaves in half you give the pieces some interesting dimension!

Step 5: Punch holes in each of the three shamrocks.

Step 7: Once the shamrocks are glued together, you can begin braiding your wire!

Step 8: Beads add extra interest to the bookmark.


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