Rock Pets

During these hot days of summer, you sometimes just need a fun craft to keep you busy. Rock pets are just the thing! With a few simple materials and a little time, you can create some amazing little creatures. Add them to your garden, place them on your bureau, or make large versions and use them as doorstops! To see our rock pets, visit Karen's studio in Norfolk, CT!

Medium sized rocks and some smaller sized pebbles and stones

Acrylic Paint

Paint brushes

Hot glue and hot glue gun

1. Find some smooth rocks that have interesting shapes. While you are searching for rocks, pick up some small ones too. These can be used for ears, heads, and/or feet for your rock pets.

2. Wash off the rocks in water, just to make sure that all the dirt has been removed from them. Let them dry thoroughly.

3. Using the paints, add a solid color to your rock. For example, if you are making a ladybug, paint the entire rock red. For a turtle, start with a coat of green.

4. Once that coat of paint has dried, you may need to apply a second coat, if the color isn't bright enough.

5. Now, add details such as ladybug spots, fur, scales, etc.

6. If you want your pet to have ears or feet, paint some small rocks too.

7. Once all of the rocks are dry you can ask an adult to help you glue the small rocks to the big ones using a hot glue gun.








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