Paper Mosaic Gift Tags

Go green this holiday season, while also making jazzy gift tags for all your gifts! Recycle your old holiday cards by making creative paper mosaics. This craft is great because it can be made with supplies that you already have on hand!


Old holiday cards and greeting cards (or holiday gift wrap or scrapbooking paper if no cards are available)

Card stock, cut into 2- or 3-inch squares, cut into tag shapes, or folded into small cards

Glue stick



Hole punch

Scrapbooking paper punches (optional)


1. Pick out your favorite holiday cards. Cards with glitter or bright colors make especially great paper mosaics.

2. Cut the cards into small squares and various geometric shapes.

3. Choose what shape/style gift tag you would like to make. Tags can be created from flat pieces of card stock, card stock folded in half into a small card, or card stock that has been cut into a tag shape. In addition, paper mosaics can be created on flat card stock and then punched into any shape using scrapbooking paper punches. (See photos to the right.)

4. Use glue stick to glue the cut pieces onto your card stock tag.

5. Allow glue to dry completely. Punch holes in the top or corner of your tag. If using scrapbooking punches, create your punched shapes at this time.

6. Add ribbon by tying it onto your tag or looping it through the hole.

7. Write the gift recepient's name on the back of your tag and tie your lovely gift tag onto your gift!


Mini Cards
Tags can also be made from card stock that has been folded in half. This is nice if you want to include a note inside your tag. Just punch a hole in the corner, add a ribbon, and tie it onto your gift!

Choose bright, colorful cards with nice patterns, glitter, and textures.

In Pieces
Once you've cut your greeting cards into small pieces, start gluing them onto a square or rectangle of card stock. This tag can be used as is, by punching a hole in the corner and adding a ribbon. Or, you can proceed to the steps below.

Pack a Punch
Using scrapbooking punches, cut your paper mosaic into the shape of your choice. Be sure that the glue is fully dry before punching the paper. (If you don't have punches, try cutting your shape freehand, using scissors.)

Once you add a ribbon, the tag is ready to go!

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