Karen has enjoyed making mobiles out of metal over the years. Learn how to make your own creation out of paper. Or even try it in metal. Either way, you'll be sure to create some fun and fabulous mobiles!

Found objects

Wire (hangers)

Beading wire

Chain links

S hooks


Fishing swivels

Jump rings



Anything else you desire

Pliers (needlenose and linesman)



1. Decide on a theme. You may want to think about the person that you are making the mobile for. Make a list of items that this person likes.

2. Draw simple shapes on paper (circle, square, triangle, etc.) Create shapes based on theme from "simple shapes."

3. Collect "Found Objects".

4. Trace patterns on specialty papers or construction paper and cut

5. Find balance points of shapes. Use your fingers or wire cutters to hand shape and find a balance point to hang the shape in a desired direction.

6. Attach shapes at either end of wire, fishing line, decorative string or wood. Attach shapes with hooks from link chain, S hooks, beading wire, or jump rings. To bend a wire, first bend ends into loops and then attach shapes, find balance point of wire and mark. Please note: the top loop must be formed upside down from mark. Top loop or balance point must be higher than the weight of hanging shapes.

7. Create several sections of mobiles and attach sections to each other, repeating the balancing process described in Step #5.

8. Viola! You now have a Mobile. Top off with a swivel.

9. A patina can be added (available commercially through craft and jewelry stores or use layers of vinegar, salt and/or lemon with humidity) or you can leave the piece natural, if desired.

10. If you desire to make your mobile out of metal, you can use shears to cut your shapes out of thin metal. The edges can be filed down to avoid sharp edges.

11. Then, the metal can be roughed up use sandpaper or a file. Paint can be added after that. We usually use Rustoleum. But, just be sure to use a paint that is applicable to your materials.


This sketch shows how to find a balance point for the pieces of a mobile.

Examples of some of Karen's mobiles for inspiration.



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