Bird Ornaments

During her recent artist-in-residence at The Ethel Walker School, Karen was introduced to this fabulous craft project. Check back for more detailed descriptions and photographs of in-progress steps.

Aluminum foil

Plaster gauze warp (found at arts and craft stores or online)


Acrylic paint

Metal wire (thick enough to hold its shape when bent)

Wire cutters

Google eyes


1. Use aluminum foil to form bird's body. Be sure to include a beak!

2. Bend a piece of wire and stick it into the foil bird so that it is secure. This will allow the bird to hang.

3. Cover the foil bird with plaster gauze wrap. Follow package directions for how to use this material. Be sure to cover all of the aluminum foil

4. Stick feathers into the side and back of the bird.

5. Allow bird to dry completely.

6. Paint the bird with your choice of colors. Allow paint to dry.

7. Glue google eyes onto the bird.











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