Here are some fun ideas to make your school day more fanciful!

Dazzle your friends as you show off your writing skills! Decorate your pens and pencils with sparkly pipe cleaners, charms and wire, glue and beads.

Cover your text books with style! Instead of premade covers or brown paper bags, use fun wrapping papers or dress them up with sequins, feathers and paint.

Is your backpack boring? It doesn't have to be! Wrap piece of a feather boa around the handle or down the shoulder straps for a look to tickle your fancy and your back. Sparkle and shine all over with rhinestones. They can be attached using fabric paints, fabric glues or a BeDazzler. Dangle charms and small bells from your zipper pulls and hear angels get their wings as you walk. Have a blast. Just be sure to ask permission from the adult who bought you the backpack first!


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