Angel Doll

Courtesy of Laura Tinter

We always love to see how Karen's fans are inspired by her work, so we were thrilled to receive this incredible craft idea from Laura Tinter. Using inspiration from her collection of Karen Rossi's Fanciful Flights and a poem written by her daughter (see below), Laura created this fun and whimsical doll. Made with fabric scraps and felt, it mirrors Karen's original design to a tee.

To start this craft, Laura drew the shape she wanted on the back of the material and stitched along the lines by hand. The doll's head is reinforced with cardboard, which is glued between two pieces of felt. To give her doll the ultimate Rossi flair, Laura hopes to embellish it with hanging charms, just like Karen's sculptures. May Laura's creation inspire you to create and make art as well.

"With Flying Colors"
By Imani Tinter

Ninna is my flying-colored aunt.
When I'm with Ninna, I feel like flying with silver wings.
When I'm in her pool, I can fly with sea blue.
Being with Ninna makes me feel like a painting
Of twilight at a seashore.
When it is time for making quilts,
I fly for paper.
When the design is done,
And the quilt is done,
The quilt has its own flying color.
Ninna is more loving and brighter than jewels.
She is my aunt,
My aunt with flying colors.



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